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Submitting Multiple Crosswalk* APKs for the Bing Play* Shop Submitted by Paul F. (Intel) on Wed, 05/27/2015 – 17:50 The Crosswalk* embedded assemble selection produces two APK documents: one for gadgets containing an x86 processor and something for anyone. The construct those two APK records are combined by system to your improvement method into a single ZIP file for effortless download. You have to unzip it and get both APK documents in order to distribute them such as the Google Play* Shop after getting this zipfile. Make sure you publish both APK documents towards the Android* store to maximise how many devices that may install and operate your Crosswalk request. Regarding HOWTO do this, guidelines are provided below. The two APK documents inside the ZIPPER are named as follows: e.g. e.g. This Play Store distribution procedure page walks you of posting numerous APKs for the Play Shop for submission under an individual application list through the procedure. You ensure that the Crosswalk application can be obtained to the broadest buyer audience by after this techniquee proper structure report will be routinely provided by the shop without unique intervention about the part of your consumer.

These are also the expenses that can trigger undercapitalization swiftly.

If you like for more information about any of it Google Play attribute, allowing you to submit numerous APKs under an individual software list, please notice Numerous APK Support and Creating Multiple APKs for Distinct API Amounts to the Android Creator site. For complete information regarding optimizations, discover our Optimization Notice.

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